Welcome to KORYU JISSEN BUJITSU karate club’s home page!

”KJB”-karate club teaches karate primarily in Joensuu, but karate has also been thaught in other towns. The club has been active since it’s founding in 2018. The clubs operating principles from the very beginning have been the continuous development of skills and competences, as well as versatile teaching. Teachings include basic skill and knowledge development in karate’s armed and unarmed training as well as development of self-defense skills against armed and unarmed assaults.

”KJB”-karate club ry is a member of Finnish karate federation and Dento Shito-Ryu International and our Instructors are qualified karate instructors. Our club currently has high rank black belts as main instructors. We collaborates with other clubs, therefore we can offer diverse training in our club.

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